Pin welding

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The welding screws and bolts

Przypawane nuts and bolts is a kind of fusion. It is not as popular as spot welding and butt, but in many industries, this type of attachment is very beneficial, and sometimes irreplaceable. It is characterized by high efficiency and clean to use, and above all, which in many cases is very important, it allows przygrzać eg stylus is not warming the surface to which it has been warmed by.
In addition, this type of seal can be used anywhere access to the surface to which you want to przygrzewać, is one-sided.


���� Easy to use

���� High performance

���� Low cost of ownership

���� No distortion due to low heat affected

���� The behavior of the walls leak

���� sided access

���� Replaces drilling and tapping

Examples of applications:

���� tank lids

���� Bolts zero protective devices

���� Wire fixing mineral wool insulation properties of the sheet

���� Straightening sheet metal surface with one-sided accessibility


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